Is MailerLite the email marketing platform for you?

Over the last three years I've been researching email marketing platforms to find which are the best fit for micro businesses. That's to say small businesses with less than 10 employees. But more often than not these are one-person businesses, sometimes bringing in freelancers when needed.

The needs of this type of business are different to larger businesses. For one, they often have a tight budget and for another, the owner has to roll up their sleeves and do a bit of everything. It can be touch to keep all those juggling balls in the air.

So the best email marketing platform for most is one that:

- Isn't too hard to learn

- Isn't too expensive to begin with

- Gives you room to grow

- Is well-known enough for there to be a pool of freelancers out there to support it if needed, without it costing too much

- Integrates with most other tools you're likely to use (e.g. WordPress)

- Doesn't have a frustrating free plan where some key things are not included to encourage you to upgrade to a paid plan

    After doing my own research, then setting up email marketing plans for a number of clients, I found the best platform for most micro businesses is...drum roll... MailerLite!

    If you'd like to see a ten minute demo, I made you a video...

    This video is from 2020, but little has changed and trust me, this is a good thing. Although I understand that platforms need to grow and develop, it's very confusing when the buttons and menus are moved around frequently. Especially for micro business owners who have so much on their minds.

    If you'd like to learn more, look out for my upcoming course Getting started with email marketing using MailerLite. There are some tasters of what's in the course in my Free Business Toolkit, too.

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