7 Steps to Getting Started with Email Marketing

This beginner-level, overwhelm-busting, hour-long course will enable you to plan out and set up your first email campaign, fast!

Course Summary

 Are you a small business owner who wants to get started with email marketing but are not sure how?

This beginner-level, overwhelm-busting online course will take you through creating your own simple email marketing plan. In less than an hour!


What do you want from your email marketing?
 Yes, to send emails. :-) But what will this do for you and your business? You get to decide.

Which platform should you use? 
SO many platforms to choose from. Which is best?  Let me give you some tips.

Lists, landing pages and lead magnets - what do you need?
This is where it can get overwhelming. Let me help you keep it simple.

Calls to action and why you need them
What do you want your subscribers to do when they have read your email? It sounds obvious, but it's easy to forget.

Content, content, content
No idea of what to write and no time to write it? I have some quick content tips for you inside!

Ideas for getting subscribers on your list
Let's face it, this is a big subject. But here are some quick tips to get you started.

Implementation and checking your results
Putting it all together and checking it's working.

And not just videos, either!
Includes a printable planner to capture your plans and ideas as you work through the course.

Course Curriculum

Helen Lindop

I've been a software trainer for over twenty years now and I've also worked in other areas such as setting up email marketing platforms for small businesses, managing online events and conferences, creating online courses and distance learning tutoring. I'm a qualified teacher and have a postgrad diploma in training and development.

Andrea Constable


I wanted to say how brilliant Helen's e-mail marketing course - 7 steps to getting started was. I understand the 'why & what for' bit now. I've heard a lot about 'you gotta do this' email marketing advice before which wasn't all that helpful. Helen's tutorial was super practical & of great advice.

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