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Free resources to streamline your business tech

Not sure how to use tech to streamline your sales and marketing?

There are tons of digital tools out there that could streamline your sales and marketing – and ultimately save you time and make you more money. But as a solo or micro business owner you're too busy doing what you do for your clients to get very far.

It’s hard to work out what you need, let alone put the pieces together and set it all up. Do you feel you could do better at:

- Sending marketing emails to keep your clients and prospects up to date with how great you are?
- Managing your customer data so you know when you last spoke to them and when you need to contact them next?
- Selling online events and courses so you can widen your reach and avoid a certain well-known virus?

There's a bewildering range of platforms that you can do this, and the covid era has only sped up how fast they change.

It’s hard to keep up, even for me sometimes!

So over the last few years I’ve been making videos, brainstorming sheets, articles and more to help small and solo business owners work out...

- What they really need,
- How to put it all together, and
- how to get started with the setting it all up.

I’ve tested out tools for myself and got them working for clients, so I have real, practical experience of what works for businesses of our size - yes I’m one myself!

You can dip in and out to the parts that you need most, there's no need to work through it top to bottom. And I'll be adding new resources over time, too.

What's inside...

Helen Lindop

I help small businesses streamline their marketing tech, using email marketing, marketing automation, online courses and client databases.

I have twenty years experience in software training, so I'm good at helping people get the best from their tech.